Nursing overview

Start of Shift Nursing Checklists must be performed after admission, at the start of each shift and on return from intra-hospital transport.

  • Rotaflow/PLS Start of Shift Nursing Checklist (powerchart see below)
  • Cardiohelp/HLS Start of Shift Nursing Checklist (powerchart see below)

ECMO Documentation requires hourly entry in the ECMO Observations as listed below.

  • Pupils – check hourly ( even if the patient is asleep)
  • Neurovascular – check hourly (even if it will disturb the patient)
  • Vital Signs – as per non-ECMO ICU patients (hourly)

Distal Perfusion or ‘backflow’ cannula and leg vascular observations must be performed every hour for patients on peripheral VA ECMO. See distal perfusion monitoring.

Routine baseline Doppler ultrasound for VA patients should be carried out as soon as possible once VA support is established. ..

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